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Mona Compassionate psychic
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Master PsychicMona


Extension 16543

$8.99/min $1/min

I will use my profound lifelong psychic gift to give you crystal clear and direct answers to all your important quest...

Sunshine Compassionate psychic
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Master PsychicSunshine


Extension 17278

$8.99/min $1/min

Experienced and accurate Tarot reader. My intuition is clear and can be of help even in the darkest situations to gui...

Diana Compassionate psychic
I'm available
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Master PsychicDiana


Extension 17280

$8.99/min $1/min

Training:-Hypnotheraphy-Trauma Release-Suicide PreventionRemote Viewing-Military Protocols by Ingo Swan-TRV Universit...

Starella Straightforward psychic
I'm available
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Master PsychicStarella


Extension 16999

$8.99/min $1/min

clairvoyant, empath, visionary, enlightenment facilitator, angelic channel

Rena Energy sender psychic
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Trusted PsychicRena


Extension 17842

$4.99/min $1/min

Rena is an experienced reader who can help you work through any problem you face. Consult her today and find all the ...

Glimmer of Hope Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicGlimmer of Hope


Extension 17834

$13/min $1/min

I am an Empath, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, psychometrist who relays messages of empowerment and healing to others, ...

Laurie Cards psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicLaurie


Extension 26023

$13/min $1/min

Let's get real with your problems. Let me show you the truth. Since a child, I have been gifted and my success came...

Emerald Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicEmerald


Extension 17205

$13/min $1/min

Emerald is a gifted psychic and clairvoyant with intuitive abilities that will uncover answers and solutions that wil...

Penni Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicPenni


Extension 16061

$13/min $1/min

I am extremely intuitive and non-judgmental my experience is hands on relating to all aspects of Relationship, Career...

Lori Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicLori


Extension 16000

$13/min $1/min

Lori uses Tarot and specializes in Relationship and Financial Readings.

Angel Inspirational psychic
I'm away

Master PsychicAngel


Extension 17265

$8.99/min $1/min

She utilizes clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to reveal the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others...

Tina Cards psychic
I'm away

Master PsychicTina


Extension 17334

$8.99/min $1/min

Tina will help you get to the heart of the matter with honest compassion. Her readings provide you with everything yo...


Daily horoscope

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A challenge presenting itself might appear familiar but it's demanding you tackle it in a new and unfamiliar way. That, in itself, could be causing a feeling of uncertainty or unease. In truth, you have been here before but are right in believing circumstances were different back then. The good news? Current circumstances bode extremely well for you to rise to your current challenge and succeed admirably.


Fame, they say, comes at a price. Most people are very prepared to pay that price too, even if it means they receive only fifteen minutes' of fame. The sky speaks now of some level of recognition coming your way. Only you will know if this is the result of your efforts but whatever the reason, you have something to offer those whose eyes are upon you now. Push aside modesty and be willing to impart some knowledge or experience.


We can't help but feel passionate sometimes. The word does conjure images associated with intimacy but however we feel it, we know when we feel it! A sense of passion growing within you might be strong and possibly indefinable. Don't try to make sense of it for now. Instead, allow it to push you in a particular direction you need to head toward and might have taken a lot longer to arrive at otherwise.


You might be able to see how a situation is progressing in a way that is making clear action needs taken sooner than later. You appear able to recognize how and why a decision or maybe some level of effort needs to be made now lest a more confusing scenario down the road makes doing with more difficult. Make hay, as they say, while sun shines. What gets put off or delayed now will only haunt you later.


With reference to Rudyard Kipling's famous poem, are you managing to 'keep your head' while those around you are 'losing theirs'? The doesn't necessarily imply you're having to cling to what's logical and sensible while others struggle to do so but it does suggest you might be adhering to a principle others are less supportive of. A need to focus on what's 'right' and what's 'wrong' in a certain area exists. Stick to your guns and stand your ground.


There are clear limits to what pessimism is able to do where keeping positivity at bay is concerned. It's as if protocol exists in terms of it having no option but to let optimism through if it demands it. Pessimism might choose to take its time, just to be awkward but if the strength of optimism is high enough, then pessimism is no match. As your confidence levels receive a timely boost, expect to see what's positive in a situation you'd seen only as negative until now.


We know some people believe the best way to get someone to do something for them is to be intimidating. They adhere to the belief that, if people are afraid of them, they can do anything. Such peoples' 'reign of terror' is always short-lived. Where you sense resentment might exist toward someone's undesirable methodologies or heavy-handedness, you can achieve a much better result by doing the opposite. Trust and admiration will come your way if you do.


We've all experienced the classic situation where someone gets disgruntled when we decide we've done enough giving their direction and have received little or nothing in return. I'm not suggesting we always give because we want something in return but we'll eventually draw line if we feel we're being taken advantage of. As you focus on your own needs in a particular way, someone might take umbrage. That should be their problem and not yours.


Don't be quick to believe progress in a particular area requires you to throw yourself at what's demanding attention. Making more effort could, as fellow Capricorn David Bowie sang, be on par with putting out fire with gasoline. Progress appears to rely on you ceasing to do something rather than continuing to do it. If you want to resolve an issue or bring closure, then it's more important you stop doing what you're doing in a particular way. Make an effort spot it and you will.


A discovery of some kind awaits you. It might, however, not be an immediate moment of revelation. Something or possibly someone in your world is part of a process of reassessment that is helping you to see it – or them – in a new light. The sky promises a new conclusion you draw is one you'll be appreciative of or grateful for. For now, try to connect with where you feel an old viewpoint is being replaced gradually with a new one.


Something making no sense to certain others could be making sense to you. This puts you in an interesting position: do you choose to remain in an advantageous position by saying nothing or point out the obvious and risk others sharing and benefiting from your observation or efforts? The sky implies your decision isn't as cut and dried as that. You have an obligation to disclose what you know. Trust that you will benefit from doing so, even if the benefit isn't immediate.


We welcome distractions sometimes. They make perfect cushions in our comfort zones. If there's something we know we need to undertake but are looking for a reason to procrastinate, then an out-of-the-blue distraction can be a godsend. Where you might welcome a certain distraction now, take a moment to consider if it's about to provide a perfect excuse to delay what you know needs confronting or dealing with.

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highly accurate cant wait to see what happens


Adrienne LynnExtension 16123

Angela is my favorite reader... she's always able to help me with my problems, and amazes me with how right-on she is.


AngelaExtension 16809

great reader gifted xo


DanielExtension 16035

I ask a simple question jullielle gave me an answer


Psychic JullielleExtension 16060

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