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LadyD Clairvoyant psychic
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Master PsychicLadyD


Extension 17330

$8.99/min $1/min

LadyD is a born diviner and gifted reader who has helped her callers find answers in love, finance and career.she has...

Tonii Clairvoyant psychic
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Trusted PsychicTonii


Extension 17351

$4.99/min $1/min

Tarot, Astrology, Relationships, Runes, Dreams, Healing, Crystals

Monique Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicMonique


Extension 17360

$4.99/min $1/min

Monique is a very vibrant spiritual advisor with all of the clarity gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentienc...

Rena Energy sender psychic
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Trusted PsychicRena


Extension 17842

$4.99/min $1/min

Rena is an experienced reader who can help you work through any problem you face. Consult her today and find all the ...

Laurie Cards psychic
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Elite PsychicLaurie


Extension 26023

$13/min $1/min

Let's get real with your problems. Let me show you the truth. Since a child, I have been gifted and my success came...

Emerald Compassionate psychic
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Elite PsychicEmerald


Extension 17205

$13/min $1/min

Emerald is a gifted psychic and clairvoyant with intuitive abilities that will uncover answers and solutions that wil...

Penni Compassionate psychic
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Elite PsychicPenni


Extension 16061

$13/min $1/min

I am extremely intuitive and non-judgmental my experience is hands on relating to all aspects of Relationship, Career...

Lori Compassionate psychic
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Elite PsychicLori


Extension 16000

$13/min $1/min

Lori uses Tarot and specializes in Relationship and Financial Readings.

Sunshine Compassionate psychic
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Master PsychicSunshine


Extension 17278

$8.99/min $1/min

Experienced and accurate Tarot reader. My intuition is clear and can be of help even in the darkest situations to gui...

Samantha Clairaudient psychic
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Master PsychicSamantha


Extension 17380

$8.99/min $1/min

Samantha's readings work is through the energy, vibrations she picks up. Samantha specializes in love and romance, se...

Diana Compassionate psychic
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Master PsychicDiana


Extension 17280

$8.99/min $1/min

Training:-Hypnotheraphy-Trauma Release-Suicide PreventionRemote Viewing-Military Protocols by Ingo Swan-TRV Universit...

Tina Cards psychic
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Master PsychicTina


Extension 17334

$8.99/min $1/min

Tina will help you get to the heart of the matter with honest compassion. Her readings provide you with everything yo...


Daily horoscope

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Check your horoscope daily and see what's in the stars for you today. Click on the astrology sign on the left to read your horoscope. It's free!


Venus's influence in your opposite sign could be manifesting in one of several ways but she appears determined to bring tidings of comfort and joy, even if they are a bit early! Allow warmth to replace what has turned cold in your life recently, either through the reactions of a certain person toward you or what might have caused you to lose inspiration in a particular idea or plan. You deserve to be more admired, loved and respected. That's what's on its way.


When we feel secure emotionally, we can sometimes believe we're capable of anything. Other areas of our world could be in a complete state of disarray but when we feel good within ourselves, we're far more likely to tackle a challenge when our confidence levels are boosted noticeably and that's something the cosmos is keen to assist you with now. Allow a feel-good factor coming your way to motivate you where you might have felt defeated recently.


What do people mean with the saying, 'go out on a limb'? We know it can mean one person putting themselves in an isolated or disadvantaged position to assist another. Yet, it's also on the limbs of fruit trees that the best fruit can be found! In taking the initiative to assist someone else now, you stand to make a very helpful and beneficial gain yourself. Try not to see your support or assistance as an unwelcome obligation. You look set to be glad you chose to intervene.


What might have appeared to be dangled in a very tempting but frustrating way isn't as far out of reach as you might believe it to be. It's possible though that you're waiting for it to become more within reach when it's as close as it needs to get. Some effort might be needed to push yourself past a point you've grown used to stopping at. With a combination of effort and imagination, what has been distant can be grasped. Much depends on how willing you are to grasp it!


Once upon a time, when a TV program had been aired, it was gone for good. Then, we were able to record shows using an amazing device called a video cassette recorder. Now, we can log in to one of umpteen channels to record programs and skip over bits we don't want to see, like adverts. There could be a benefit to you of logging into your past to recall a particular episode. Try to look at it in its entirely. Skipping over certain bits could cause you to miss something important!


Your ruler Venus is currently transiting the area of your solar chart associated with love, romance, creativity and the taking of an occasional risk. These are all area Venus rules Herself and even if you're not interested in any or all of the above, you could be underestimating how warm and inviting a vibe you're giving off is becoming. By being seen as more approachable, one person in particular is keen to do so. Might this be an opportunity to put a past upset behind you?


Patience appears to be needed in a particular area and you can probably identify this by ways in which you're aware patience levels are depleting. Why a process is taking as long as it is is likely beyond you and you might also believe if you were given a chance to steer it, then a desired result would at least be appearing on the horizon. It's important to trust you're 'in good hands' – involving someone else's and ways in which the cosmos is working to bring reassurance.


The Narrator in the film, 'Babe' explained how Farmer Hoggett refused to ignore an idea that nagged him because it is often within them that 'seeds of destiny lie'. With that in mind, what idea is tugging away inside of you, demanding attention? The sky implies it could hold more potential than you're giving it credit for having. It's tugging away for a very good reason. Even if you can't yet see the reason, be willing to be led by its insistence. You could be amazed where it takes you.


We often need a good reason if we're to 'go above the call of duty'. That reason might only surround a belief that doing so is the right thing to do, especially if it helps someone else. Other times, we become aware of how strict we've been where refusing to do anything above the bare minimum expected of us is concerned. You might need to increase your effort levels in a particular area. You might not receive a medal for doing so but will be glad you did.


You could be aware of pressure increasing in a particular area and might naturally resent this. Look closely though at what you stand to gain from allowing yourself to be pressured in a way you are. Does pressure you're experiencing not connect with a plan or aspiration you had anyway? You might believe you have all the reasons you need to create your own level of pressure to make something happen. A bit more from the cosmos in the right way won't hurt!


A routine or specific way of doing something might have been logical and necessary in the past but you appear to be considering or reconsidering the benefits of breaking away from a tradition of sorts. Where you might have felt a strong obligation to comply or simply do as you were told, you're assessing whether or not this holds as much relevance as it once did. You're right to be thinking in such a way, too. One particular arrangement is about to revised and upgraded!


Do you remember how Looney Tunes characters were often faced difficult dilemmas that involved an angel on one shoulder appealing to the character's sense of what was right and fair while a devil smirked deviously, encouraging the opposite? You appear to be faced with one option that you sense is the most 'morally acceptable' one to pursue and another that, well, might hold some appeal because of controversy or risk it offers. You'd be wise to listen to the angel.

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Very connected with the energy of those around me as well as myself.


Psychic SerenaExtension 16808

She was really good, I highly recommend her!


AngelaExtension 16809

I ask a simple question jullielle gave me an answer


Psychic JullielleExtension 16060

Great reading, thank you sarah. You told me what I needed to know, and it turns out you were really right. I highly suggest sarah for anyone who needs relationship advice.


SarahExtension 17176

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