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Kenton Morgan Cards psychic
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Master PsychicKenton Morgan


Extension 17975

$8.99/min $1/min

Finding answers often means knowing what questions to ask. When you are not sure what to do or where to go, look to s...

Jeanne Empath psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicJeanne


Extension 17419

$4.99/min $1/min

Jeanne is a clairsentient , compassionate soul excited about helping clients heal and eliminate unnecessary pain, suf...

Kat Joy Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicKat Joy


Extension 17425

$4.99/min $1/min

With over forty years of rich and varied experience as a medium, a healer, and a psychic, Kat is the psychic, other p...

Lady Ellen Destiny/life path psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicLady Ellen


Extension 17420

$4.99/min $1/min

Lady Ellen comes from a multi generational line of Psychics.

Lady Jessika Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicLady Jessika


Extension 17413

$4.99/min $1/min

Lady Jessika is an extraordinary Psychic Medium.

Lady of the Lighted Path Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicLady of the Lighted Path


Extension 17422

$4.99/min $1/min

The Lady of the Lighted Path has been changing lives for 22 years with her psychic abilities.

Mambo Sirene Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicMambo Sirene


Extension 17423

$4.99/min $1/min

Mambo Sirene is a priestess and spiritual advisor.

Queen of Cups Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicQueen of Cups


Extension 17418

$4.99/min $1/min

The Queen of Cups provides empathetic, non-judgmental readings. Honest and straight-forward.

Rose Empath psychic
I'm away

Master PsychicRose


Extension 17417

$8.99/min $1/min

If you are confused or frustrated with a situation or need help finding the right path to follow, Rose is a wonderful...

Laurie Cards psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicLaurie


Extension 26023

$13/min $1/min

Let's get real with your problems. Let me show you the truth. Since a child, I have been gifted and my success came...

Delaney Astrology psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicDelaney


Extension 17402

$13/min $1/min

Delaney can utilize her intuitive gifts, prayers, energy healing, and Angel Oracle readings moving her client towards...

Intuitive Angel Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicIntuitive Angel


Extension 17401

$13/min $1/min

Her readings are clear, direct and focused on moving forward past obstacles and distractions.


Daily horoscope

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The urge to find solutions to complex problems could be strong. Those around you could be bewildered at how fast you solve a particular puzzle. However, overconfidence causes you to jump to an answer so quickly that you become unconcerned about whether or not you're answering the right question. Make sure you're armed with all the facts before proudly declaring a problem to be unequivocally solved.


You're tuned in so sensitively to the subtlest emotional vibes that you could turn a trivial matter into something unnecessarily bigger. Because it's difficult to keep a clear perspective, it could be unclear what your priorities are in a certain area. The most important progress will be made where you focus attention and effort in the most honest, from-the-depth-of-your-heart ways. If you believe it, you can achieve it.


You could feel a strong urge to ensure others see you as 'in control' but it's important to trust nobody doubts you're running the show. At least one person appears to be looking to you for guidance, and you're in the best possible place to provide it. What you might fear is developing a life of its own is still being steered by you. It's the fact that something might be picking up pace rapidly that you feel you've created an uncontrollable 'monster.'


You might be convincing yourself that certain professional aspirations are moving further and further from your reach. However, don't let disappointment set in from believing you're destined to be satisfied with mediocre achievements. You're encouraged to continue to aim high and doing so means your efforts must be consistent with whatever 'aiming high' means to you. You're not pursuing the impossible, after all.


Your mind can be an extremely efficient 'filtering machine' at this time, as you allow memories that have even the slightest role to play in the present to have access to the real world. This process of self-reflection could lead to an unexpected revelation about the need to be being honest with yourself. If you've been avoiding a particular truth, then this could become clear now or shortly.


Ideas could be coming thick and fast, but there are limits to how much thinking can be given to each. At some point, you'll either have to see what even the tiniest amount of effort brings or move on. The selection process would be easier if others' suggestions or opinions weren't part of the equation. Effort made to separate what's real from what you know is fantasy helps to whittle down your options.


You might feel a strong urge to talk but consider if you have something interesting to say. This is especially relevant if you feel it's necessary to share your opinions - regardless of whether or not they're asked for. It's worth bearing in mind the fact that, sometimes, powerful wisdom can be conveyed with fewer words and trusting others' ability to fill in the gaps where necessary.


Your optimism and enthusiasm are contagious through believing wholeheartedly in dreams coming true. This could be due to you identifying 'best case scenarios' with what your heart is set on. It's as if you're able to take one tiny seed of a thought and feel so confident about its potential that rapid and impressive grown is inevitable. A powerful thought holds much potential, but it will take more than thought to make it real. Action needs to be the next stage of a thought process.


You may have a bit too much confidence in your abilities and take on more than your fair share of something. Instead of putting yourself in an awkward and unpleasant position where promises get broken, establish some clear boundaries before it becomes clear you've taken on too much. Setting one realistic target that results in one task being done well has to be preferable to taking on too much and appearing inept in others' eyes.


Being productive and seen to be knuckling down to complete tasks might be extremely unappealing at this time. As much as you'd like to kick back and watch others rush around, pressure to answer a call of duty in some way will become strong. See any cumbersome tasks as challenges to rise to and conquer. Applying a bit of imagination brings a necessary change in attitude.


You could feel frustrated at others who insist on keeping you from allowing thoughts to enter realms of imagination. They might want you to keep your nose to the grindstone but can't stop you from taking metaphysical excursions into a colorful fantasy world as long as you ensure your visits are brief. There will be consequences if you don't conceal your dreamy pleasure trips.


A conversation or exchange you were convinced would be superficial chitchat could reveal itself to be so much more. What gets discussed casually to begin with could open your eyes and mind to new possibilities very quickly. However, getting too excited about the future could cause you to overlook levels of effort required on your part to make a vision real. Punch the air with delight while keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground.

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She was really good, I highly recommend her!


AngelaExtension 16809

Amanda is AWESOME! She immediately connected with me and my multi-faceted situations. Her reading left me spell bound because of her accuracy! She is a FANTASTIC gifted reader whose spirituality and compassion are AMAZING!


Advisor AmandaExtension 17390

Mona was amazing.. I needed to know the timing of some upcoming events, and it turned out she was absolutely right. Everything happened like she said. Can't wait to call her again and I'm telling all my friends!


MonaExtension 16543

Omg I can't believe you are so good I don't even ask you anything you already know what I'm gone say I'm so happy talking to you Donya thanks


DonyaExtension 17392

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