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Sandy Star Career/work psychic
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Sandy Star


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Sunshine Compassionate psychic
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Experienced and accurate Tarot reader.

Marchelle Medium psychic
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Marchelle comes from a family full of very gifted and intuitive women.Since she was a small child she has had an open...

Angelique Clairvoyant psychic
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I am a  Gifted clairvoyant with a very high degree of accuracy and give great detail!

Crystal Hope Straightforward psychic
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Crystal Hope


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Crystal Hope isa small girl that traces her healing to her creole and Cajun heritage.

Angela Star psychic
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Angel of Passion Cards psychic
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Angel of Passion


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I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Artemisia Joycraft Empath psychic
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Artemisia Joycraft


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Light and Love can make a difference ! No one can do this alone .

Christina Mosaic Cards psychic
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Christina Mosaic


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I became a reader because I realized that I had an ability to "see" things that some other people could not. I was al...

Glimmer of Hope Clairvoyant psychic
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Glimmer of Hope


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Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychometrist

Jena Clairaudient psychic
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I provide in-depth intuitive readings that will enrich enlighten and inspire you in all matters of the heart and life...

Kerridwen Astrology psychic
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Professional Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher


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People speak often about 'luck running out'. If luck is what we make it, then surely that means it is replenishable. Yet, we know that our efforts to bring luck into our lives don't always succeed and then we find luck tends to come in waves or manifest infrequently or sporadically. However, you are blessed until well into 2015 with Jupiter, the planet of luck, among many other things, in your sign. The sky insists luck is now on your side in at least one way you wish it was. So, take a chance. Make effort where you believe doing so might be pointless and prepare to be surprised.


Whom do you trust and why? What is about a certain person that makes them trustworthy in your eyes? If you trust them, what would you trust them with? It's interesting how we can be willing to invest great trust in someone else yet question our ability to trust ourselves sometimes. Of course, we know we CAN trust ourselves but there's often something about trusting someone else that removes the need for us to be as concerned with outcomes. Right now, there is only one person you need to trust and to identify them, simply look in the nearest mirror.


It's one thing to be confused about or even hurt by a development that seemed to appear out of nowhere. It's another to discover that the reason behind it stemmed from one very big incorrect assumption made by you or by someone else. This leaves you with two choices. You can either dwell upon frustration a misunderstanding it has created and make it into a bigger issue or you can decide to move forward from here and now having learned from it. Someone else is prepared to do the latter. That bodes well in terms of a recent drama having a very finite shelf life.


Many professions involve someone qualified or experienced in a particular way offering advice to those who aren't as qualified or experienced. When we need such advice, we accept we're being sensible by approaching such people for it. Sometimes, we discover our time (and money) to be well spent through having obtained helpful information we might not have obtained otherwise. Other times, we don't believe we discovered anything we didn't already know. You're better placed than you might think to provide your own advice now rather than seek it elsewhere.


Where rules and regulations are concerned, sometimes it feels as if some people do little else other than spend their time dreaming up more. We all recognize rules and structure are needed. Yet, we also know some to be ridiculous and outdated. The temptation to make a clear point surrounding a rule you're expected to adhere to or obey could be strong now. Before crossing a line with the intention of sending a clear message to a certain person, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the implications of doing so. Impulsiveness could do you a serious disservice.


We're taught from young ages to 'do unto others as we would do unto ourselves'. There are some exceptions to this if certain people have unorthodox ideas about what they would prefer others did to them! What suits us isn't always suitable for someone else but that shouldn't stop us from at least trying, provided our intentions are good. You know how you'd prefer to be treated where a situation regarding you and another is concerned. Be prepared though to have to tailor your approach to be more suitable for them. Imagination and sensitivity will ensure you succeed.


Sometimes, we resent what is 'out of our hands'. Other times, we're grateful for what we have no control over. When we wish we had more control, we rarely attain it. When we find we don't have control over something or a situation, then we tend be philosophical about it and accept there are limits to what we can and cannot do. Where you don't have control now or where you feel you are unable to influence a person or situation, relax. Recognize where your limits lie and have faith in the fact that whatever-it-is is ticking along nicely in a way you'll soon discover pleases you.


Life is a series of moments. These moments are often governed by decisions we make. We make a decision and presto – we end up pursuing a different road or route intended to take us to a new and appropriate destination. If we knew these destinations were intended to be appropriate, then we'd all relax a lot more and worry a lot less. Relaxing more and worrying less is something you can afford and ought to do now. Don't believe a recent decision has been made in haste or thoughtlessly. It was made for a specific reason because it is right and very appropriate.


How long is a piece of string? Such an answer is often given to a question that is unquantifiable or unanswerable. There are times when we need more than a vague answer and such answers appear prevalent in your world now. You want to know where you stand with a certain arrangement. You want to know how much longer you're expected to wait or what more you're expected to tolerate. Trust that what you want isn't being dangled cruelly in front of you. The process surrounding getting it involves timing being perfect and that time is nearer than you think.


Silver linings in clouds can be difficult to see sometimes. A certain situation you're experiencing now has potential to be seen as a negative development or setback. Regardless of what you believe can or cannot be changed within it, try to understand something positive can be gained by adopting a simple change in attitude. Within what appears to be a saga drawing itself out unnecessarily, a real nugget of positivity exists within all that's happening. There is a need for you to bide your time for a little while longer. Enjoy this respite before things pick up noticeably.


Can an answer be 'nearly right'? People who mark test papers or exams will sometimes award part marks for 'nearly right' answers. Surely, that's preferable to leaving an answer unanswered where no marks whatsoever would be given. Sometimes, as well, we're encouraged to guess at an answer on a test paper or exam because might just get it right. You have, at your disposal now, all you need to put something 'right'. You might believe you're a long way from having what you need but all you need to do is make some effort. Trying is better than doing nothing.


If familiarity breeds contempt, then what does unfamiliarity do? Unfamiliarity equals change, which equals upheaval which equals a period of insecurity. In some ways, you might be growing familiar with what has recently become unfamiliar yet, as puzzling as a recent development has been, there is something helpful happening. The shift in an agreement or relationship is one designed to strengthen it and, perhaps for the first time, ensure all is above board. Don't fear or resent what has changed. It's all about to become more transparent.

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Lori was recommenced my a family member and I see why great job


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great reading thanks so much


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good listener very patient... give great advice


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Spoke to her in regards to my gf cheating and she told me exactly whats been going on. I was shocked


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