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Rena Energy sender psychic
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Rena is an experienced reader who can help you work through any problem you face. Consult her today and find all the ...

Sandy Star Career/work psychic
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Sandy Star


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Marchelle Medium psychic
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Marchelle comes from a family full of very gifted and intuitive women.Since she was a small child she has had an open...

Angelique Clairvoyant psychic
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I am a  Gifted clairvoyant with a very high degree of accuracy and give great detail!

Crystal Hope Straightforward psychic
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Crystal Hope


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Crystal Hope isa small girl that traces her healing to her creole and Cajun heritage.

Angela Star psychic
I'm away
Angel of Passion Cards psychic
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Angel of Passion


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I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Artemisia Joycraft Empath psychic
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Artemisia Joycraft


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Light and Love can make a difference ! No one can do this alone .

Christina Mosaic Cards psychic
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Christina Mosaic


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I became a reader because I realized that I had an ability to "see" things that some other people could not. I was al...

Glimmer of Hope Clairvoyant psychic
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Glimmer of Hope


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Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychometrist

Jena Clairaudient psychic
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I provide in-depth intuitive readings that will enrich enlighten and inspire you in all matters of the heart and life...

Kerridwen Astrology psychic
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Professional Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher


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To get from A to B when driving, we know there's a route we must stick with that will get us there quickly and safely. We don't simply hop into cars and start driving obliviously. We need to have some level of knowledge about the direction we're meant to be heading. Perhaps, that's a helpful attitude to adopt where uncertainty on your part is concerned now. You're keen to take action but are unsure how best to take it. Allow yourself some time to get your bearings. You need a bit of guidance surrounding how best to proceed and it's coming.


We don't congratulate ourselves enough. There are limits to how effectively we can pat ourselves on the back. That's why it's helpful to receive congratulatory comments and praise from others and a little bit of both can go a long way. Sometimes though, people aren't as quick as we wish they were to do either, for umpteen different reasons. You know how you have succeeded in doing something worthy of praise and positive comment. That's what matters. Trust that, even though others might not be slow to comment, what you've done has definitely not gone unnoticed.


There's an old saying about 'educating pork'. This refers to difficulty surrounding getting certain people to grasp certain concepts or get the point in some way. You might feel you're struggling to get someone to do either now and could, understandably, be wondering what more you're supposed to do in order for someone to understand the point you're keen for them to take on board. The proverbial telescope needs to be turned around. Try looking at a situation in the way they are choosing to. There is something they need you to know and understand, too.


Have you ever tried to clean a food stain from a shirt with a damp cloth? We've all done this at some point but often discover that applying a damp cloth to the stain might cause the stain to fade but leaves a damp patch that makes it all look much worse, for a brief time anyway. The same can be said about your apparent keenness to solve a particular problem. You know you can't leave it alone but are probably aware of how trying to solve it will make it more complex in some way initially. It's worth making the effort. Believe complexity will soon fade.


We spoke recently about anything being easy once we learn how to do it. However, mastering something doesn't mean the learning curve stops there. Think, for example, how great artists or musicians become so through becoming skilled at what they do and pushing themselves to become better. Before we can be better, we have to have taken the initiative to learn at least on a basic level. Avoid focusing so intently on the future where something you need to learn now is concerned. It will take care of itself if you can focus solely on what it is you need to get to grips with here and now.


Our brains have an annoying tendency sometimes that involves allowing certain thoughts to replay round and round in our heads. A particular thought enters our head, it picks up where the last thought left off and we find ourselves replaying it over and over. Occasionally, the train of thought progresses and we find ourselves discovering a new angle to our thinking that hadn't made itself known previously. The new angle you're about to encounter with regard to an ongoing, incessant thought it going to do much to help you finally move on and resolve it.


In chess, unless time has passed in such a way that both players forget whose move is next, it can be easily identified who is required to move their piece. All that's needed is a quick summary of the board and the previous move can often be determined. In an area of your world now, is it your 'move' or someone else's? Is it up to you to take initiative and make some effort to improve or progress a situation or should you wait and see what someone else does? You could discover the two of you make a move at precisely the same time and this will help greatly.


We sometimes feel without doubt ways in which situations work in our favor. We can sometimes see how such times happen in waves, sporadically. One day, we're struggling to make any progress, the next day we're wondering how or why such levels of assistance and support have manifested suddenly. You're receiving the most wonderful celestial support now. Don't stop and question it. Between the cosmos and certain willing individuals, some delightful progress can be made where you want and need it.


When we bend a twig or a stick, we know it will likely snap at a certain point. We can't predict with 100% accuracy precisely when that will occur. We can see the bend increasing and brace ourselves for it but we invariably discover we were slightly out with our prediction. In some way now, you could be finding yourself under considerable pressure. You too, have a 'breaking point'. Is it necessary or even possible to determine precisely when that will be? Of course not. Pressure will ease soon enough. Have faith in that and do yourself and others a favor by keeping your cool.


Long ago, kings, queens and knights occupied castles. These could be seen from many miles away and no effort was made to disguise or conceal them. All that mattered was they were impenetrable and constructed in the knowledge that, at some point, they would experience attack and had to be prepared for it. In a similar way, through doing so much to protect yourself in some way, you're making the possibility of needing to be protected stronger. Relax and let go of defenses you're clinging to. They are likely playing a part in encouraging what you're trying to avoid.


We know there is always something good to be seen or had in any situation. It's not always easy to identify it, though. Even when we know in our hearts that good exists within an otherwise bleak scenario, it's natural for us to focus or dwell on what is negative. Negativity always finds a way to gain the spotlight of our attention. As much as you know is wrong with a situation and as much as you believe you have reason to focus on the negative aspects of it, there is something very positive and even magical concealed in some way. Have faith and be willing to trust a bit more.


People are often easily persuaded. That's why some advertisements work so well. They subtly plant seeds of desire in our heads and before we know it, we're responding in precisely the way we were expected to. The process is made considerably easier when people are willing to be persuaded. Where you feel you might have a tough job convincing or persuading a particular person, you could discover they're much more willing to be convinced or persuaded than you thought. You're pushing on a door that's half open. Believe it doesn't need to be forced.

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I love lady Serena, she is awesome with love readings.


Psychic SerenaExtension 16808

great reading fast connection very confident sounding


Psychic Doc EsterExtension 16006

Spoke to her in regards to my gf cheating and she told me exactly whats been going on. I was shocked


Alia MoonExtension 17638

The reading I got from midnight was short but she answered my question


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