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Sunshine Compassionate psychic
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Master PsychicSunshine


Extension 17278

Experienced and accurate Tarot reader. My intuition is clear and can be of help even in the darkest situations to gui...

Kenton Morgan Cards psychic
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Master PsychicKenton Morgan


Extension 17975

Finding answers often means knowing what questions to ask. When you are not sure what to do or where to go, look to s...

Daniel Straightforward psychic
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Trusted PsychicDaniel


Extension 16035

A spiritual counselor who assists his clients to find their answers through their Higher Selves, using Tarot, astrolo...

Mark Clairvoyant psychic
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Trusted PsychicMark


Extension 17060

I am a caring and open-minded reader i have many years of experience with all types of relationship and life problems...

Psychic Pat Compassionate psychic
I'm available
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Trusted PsychicPsychic Pat


Extension 17292


Psychic Serena Cards psychic
I'm available
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Trusted PsychicPsychic Serena


Extension 16808

I CARE, I KNOW, and I FEEL what you are going through and I will help you with telling you the truth!

Glimmer of Hope Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicGlimmer of Hope


Extension 17834

I am an Empath, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, psychometrist who relays messages of empowerment and healing to others, ...

Nanci Straightforward psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicNanci


Extension 16821

I have been helping people by sharing my Reading gifts for 20 years. I specialize in Relationships of all kinds. I do...

Penni Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicPenni


Extension 16061

I am extremely intuitive and non-judgmental my experience is hands on relating to all aspects of Relationship, Career...

Chrissy Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicChrissy


Extension 17249

After traveling the world, exploring, and living in many different cultures, it has been a spiritually enlightening e...

Astroboy Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicAstroboy


Extension 17258

His main goal is to help you see your blind spots, heal and become the best person you can be. Life is a wild journey...

Mystic Sage Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Elite PsychicMystic Sage


Extension 17245

She has a keen ability to reveal core issues, limiting patterns, karmic challenges through a sincere, candid, non-jud...


Daily horoscope

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What happens to heroes or heroines about twenty minutes from the end of any film? A situation causes them to believe their efforts have been in vain and they must accept defeat. A turn of events appears to give the 'baddie' the upper hand or instils a belief that our central character has been pursuing very much the wrong plan. Of course, we know most stories have happy endings that usually involve a surprise of sorts. Don't rule out such an ending in an area of your world.


We are all experts at concealing our thoughts and feelings when we choose to or believe it to be necessary. We are all though, at times, oblivious to how transparent we can be when it comes to concealing both. We inadvertently let a clue slip here or there or are unaware of how our actions make clear our thoughts and feelings, even if we believe we're doing a convincing job. Expect to be pleasantly surprised at what someone deliberately or unintentionally reveals to you.


You might not be over the moon with how you discovered a piece of information but there can be no denying you're grateful for having discovered it. It appears a complex set of circumstances has led to you making a certain discovery or perhaps knowing where you stand in some way. This has considerable implications surrounding where things go from here where an agreement or commitment is concerned. Trust that you're about to benefit from altering an attitude or opinion.


From a young age we're either taught or learn to be ourselves and not be followers, especially of those whose leadership qualities are questionable. Yet, we know so many people during our lifetimes who are happy to do as they're told or follow a crowd simply because doing so gives the false impression they're doing what's acceptable. It's the person who refuses to be so sheep-like who eventually gains respect from others, as you're about to discover for yourself.


'The check is in the mail'. That's one of numerous statements made to us that we, at first, have no option other than to accept and wait to see evidence of truth contained within. We can't always demand evidence that someone has backed words with actions. We must simply trust and allow a situation to unfold over time to see if our trust was misplaced. Where you might be hearing only words but want to see action supporting them, have faith that the latter is very much involved!


When we invest effort, we usually have some idea about what we'd ideally like to see happen. Rarely do we do anything without visualizing in our mind what the result might be. Often, we receive a result that, at a very basic, level confirms we're doing something right or are right to continue making an effort, Then, there are times when we receive a very unexpected and surprising result. Yours is intended to help you to consider what else you might be capable of.


Some people can be very dismissive of others' potential or talents and create strict criteria surrounding it. They say things like, 'You can't do this until you can prove you can do that' and so on. In an age where resumes play such an integral part in who gets shortlisted for roles without any real evidence of ability, you can win someone over where a talent you possess is concerned. This will happen through your own belief in your ability that someone else will detect and believe.


We believe luck is fussy about who it chooses to make itself known to. With little effort, we look around us and see how others are benefiting from fortuitous events in their world and wonder how or why we've been excluded. Even when we are recipients of luck, we still compare our serendipitous development with others. If you're not yet seeing how lucky you appear to be in an area of your world, then trust that you soon will and believe what's offered is truly for you.


It's not impossible to run up a downward escalator. It's not the smartest thing to do and there's a chance we'll end up making ourselves look daft or be on the receiving end of a telling-off. Why though, would anyone go to such effort at such cost apart from wanting to prove to themselves it can be done? The way you're considering proving something to yourself might be the long and unnecessary way to do it. An easier and more sensible option exists. You'll see it soon.


In 'Peanuts' cartoons, the philosophical character of Linus was never without his Security Blanket. It served, in his mind, a clear and essential purpose. Regardless of ridicule experienced, it accompanied him everywhere. As the characters are timeless, we'll never know if Linus outgrew the need for it. You, on the other hand, are likely aware of what you've outgrown and why time has come to release yourself of it. A new and more appropriate level of security is coming.


People struggle to apologize when they should do yet manage to be apologetic easily in other ways. This usually surrounds a belief that they are undeserving of praise or reward when it comes their way and they make excuses about how they're not so worthy or either or both should go to someone else. Don't fit that bill now. You know how and why you're deserving of recognition and reward in some way now so accept it gracefully.


The way you're drawing a certain conclusion or forming an opinion needs a closer look on your part, or at least willingness to accept the slim but not totally impossible idea that you might actually be wrong. Taking something at face value is understandable but your instincts are bound to be telling you there's more to a story or situation than meets the eye. The ability to relax instead of worrying will come from being willing to question what appears unquestionable.

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SherryExtension 16813

Very connected with the energy of those around me as well as myself.


Psychic SerenaExtension 16808

highly accurate cant wait to see what happens


Adrienne LynnExtension 16123

Angela is my favorite reader... she's always able to help me with my problems, and amazes me with how right-on she is.


AngelaExtension 16809

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