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Angela Straightforward
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Extension 16809

I will read for you by candlelight or daylight and always strive to invoke an atmosphere that allows for clarity and ...

Mark Clairvoyant
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I am a caring open-minded reader I have many years of experience with all types of relationship and life problems.  I...

Denise Straightforward
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Tarot card reader. Astrology expert focused on love relationships.

Kadi Compassionate
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I promise you I will relate, and your reality will change. I will restore faith. "I Am"

Amber Wing Compassionate
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Amber Wing


Extension 17123

I have helped many people uncover what their own subconscious mind is trying to tell them.

Angelique Clairvoyant
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Extension 16831

I am a  Gifted clairvoyant with a very high degree of accuracy and give great detail!


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You may not be on the best of terms with certain people, and you will have to make a few personal concessions today. No matter. For your fortunes are set to improve. Not only that, but don't have any preconceived ideas about another affair - you've already said how you feel about it. Surely your heart lies elsewhere.


Once again, loved ones or close associates may be petty or penny pinching today. Not that you will be entirely neglected, even if you don't hold the purse strings. Aside from that, a surprise offer is worth considering, despite not being able to cash in just yet. A compliment will also work wonders, and tickle your fancy.


For you planetary conflict is likely to upset your best laid plans - at least someone will. All the same, have you considered changing your work schedule, especially as an all important meeting is about to take place. There is however a tendency to daydream today. Still, what's the emergency - everything is under control.


Try to leave partners or family members to their own devices today. At any rate, you are probably thinking about making a move, and this is truly a dream. Whoever is complaining is being thoughtless, and you know that things will work out - so why explain?


There is no point offering your apologies today. Instead, you should simply say thank you very much, and bow out of one particular meeting. Besides that, you won't have to reach out too far to find the kind of promotion you wanted. Worth the effort.


Not everything will go entirely to plan or like clockwork today. Maybe you need more concentration, even if you are not aware of any changes taking place. Don't be demoralised. Very soon you will be thankful that your efforts haven't been in vain. And there are some wonderful things you can handle. Why not make yourself invisible, when there are special arrangements to make.


There might be the odd disagreement with partners or those in authority today. Again you should see the potential of developing another relationship, even if you are encouraged not to. Don't worry if your faith has already been misplaced, at least you will be given credit for being honest.


Again you must endeavor to keep business and pleasure apart. The benefit of funding one arrangement is neither, nor there. Why not set up a series of meetings, even if certain uninterested parties are also likely to respond. Part of the appeal is getting together with those who are business savvy or the sharpest tools in the box.


There may be some behind the scenes activity today. Maybe events will overtake you? However, what is being set-up in private is obviously of interest to you. A happy concept. Still, there is no point in getting actively involved, even though you could use technology. And what's the idea behind that?


Best not to mix finances and friendships. And don't be tempted into fighting for what belongs to you today. For what it's worth there is barrel loads of money coming your way. Of course, it won't take long for various people to drain you, or would you rather keep someone for yourself?


You can ask any questions, as long as it's not too close to home. Chances are, you will be living life full again, whether you return to your main residence or not. Try to straighten yourself out first, because a rare kind of happiness is assured.


At times people may spring up all over the place, in the belief that you will suddenly drop everything today. For the right reason, maybe. By rights, you should still be able to connect with like minded people. Even those who are scatter-brained will meet you half way.

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Psychic Dianne Straightforward
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