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Serenity Compassionate psychic
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Serenity was born an intuitive Psychic, and a third-generation Tarot Reader.

Angelique Clairvoyant psychic
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I am a  Gifted clairvoyant with a very high degree of accuracy and give great detail!

Angela Straightforward psychic
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I will read for you by candlelight or daylight and always strive to invoke an atmosphere that allows for clarity and ...

Angel of Passion Cards psychic
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Angel of Passion


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I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Artemisia Joycraft Empath psychic
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Artemisia Joycraft


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Light and Love can make a difference ! No one can do this alone .

Christina Mosaic Cards psychic
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Christina Mosaic


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I became a reader because I realized that I had an ability to "see" things that some other people could not. I was al...

Mikea Pendulum psychic
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This psychic has inherited her gifts from her Cherokee Grandmother.  She'll focus on any question you have to provide...

Miranda Clairvoyant psychic
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This Psychic Medium specializes in deciphering messages from the universe.  Let's find out what you need to know abou...

Glimmer of Hope Clairvoyant psychic
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Glimmer of Hope


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Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychometrist

Juniper Rose Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Juniper Rose


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I am Professional Psychic a third generational Italian healer and Intuitive tarot consultant of well over 30 years.

Psychic Analisa Clairvoyant psychic
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Psychic Analisa


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Analisa psychic reader and spiritual guide

Rena Energy sender psychic
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Rena is an experienced reader who can help you work through any problem you face. Consult her today and find all the ...


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Do you remember how cars on 'The Flintstones' worked? They appeared to work mainly through gravity. Started initially by frantically kicking feet on the ground beneath, the stone and wood constructed vehicles probably only worked effectively if driven downhill. They did, however, work fine once a certain level of momentum was achieved. Something in your world requires a quick burst of concentrated energy and focus now. You will gain momentum very quickly if you can summon it and, once gained, it will be all downhill from there – in the most positive way!


Much in life requires us to be in the right place at the right time or meet the right people who can connect us with the right opportunities. How do we ensure we get so much 'right'? The truth is, we can't possibly know. All we can do is ensure we're doing our best by putting ourselves in the most likely places or positions to facilitate change we want to see happen. This involves ensuring we don't do nothing! Luck, in some way, is on your side now. To benefit, you need only make clear you want it to find you. This involves making a tiny bit of effort to encourage it to do so.


Temptation to cut corners can be strong. In the same way we can opt to take an untried shortcut to a destination knowing we might regret it but believing it could be a risk that might also pay off, we can try to save time by finding easier ways to do something that often result in a crucial part of it being omitted. Something similar happens when we avoid telling the whole truth. We believe that a 'part truth' will suffice or placate whoever we're giving the impression of coming clean with. Don't succumb to temptation to cut corners where truth telling is concerned now. It's all or nothing.


I overheard recently someone being picked up at an airport terminal talking excitedly to his friend about how amazing it is that jets can get off the ground given the weight of the aircraft, passengers and luggage. His friend replied, 'that's why they make such a mess when they crash'. We all know someone who always sees the glass as half empty or focuses on negative aspects of any situation. The sky speaks now of a potential party pooper in your midst that could be a little bit more convincing through sounding so authoritative. Be alert to negativity when you hear it…


It can be amazing sometimes how weight is needed if something is to travel faster. You'd think, to gain maximum speed, something would need to be as weightless as possible but science dictates this isn't the case. Someone hiking with a heavy backpack would definitely disagree and, in some way, you have been carrying the equivalent of a weight that has given the impression of slowing you down or hindering your chances of success. Yet, in a bizarre way, weight you've carried can play a part in moving you forward in a helpful way now. Embrace realizations coming your way.


Our eyes have a pretty good track record of not letting us down yet we do have times to question what we're seeing. Are we able to measure how accurate our instincts are? We know when something 'feels' right yet, all too often, we opt to believe our eyes more than our hearts. A situation in your world appears cut and dried and with no need to be questioned further. Yet, is there not an inner voice within you telling you that a risk might actually be worth taking? If you can't yet hear it, then try listening a bit more closely.


How does it feel to have all of the answers to every question or be seen as some kind of oracle to individuals who regard you as 'all seeing' or 'all knowing'? You know you don't have all of the answers to every question and, as for being a knowledge guru that would envy even Yoda or Mr Myagi, well, such a title certainly hasn't been created by you. That doesn't mean you aren't in a strong and advantageous position to provide help or guidance where it's needed. It wouldn't hurt though to reply to a few people, 'tell me and we'll both know the answer!'


Sometimes, we know it's appropriate to focus on small details. We grasp the concept about bigger issues taking care of themselves if we focus on smaller issues within them. Other times, we find ourselves focusing too intently on smaller issues when bigger ones – or bigger 'pictures' – need attention. Proof, if it was needed that life can be unnecessarily complex and contradictory! Yet, you might be focusing too intently on minutiae that don't need such attention. There is a bigger picture that needs focusing on now. Give it your attention and leave the smaller details for now!


Think, if you will, what a single gust of wind can do to a tidy and organized room or office. What was neat and tidy and took considerable time and effort to become so could become in a state of disarray in seconds. The sky doesn't indicate that you can expect unwelcome upheaval but it does indicate strongly that much can change very quickly if you're willing to make it easy for change to enter your world. That's why you're being encouraged to confirm what you really do want to see change. It can happen quickly so, if you want it, then choose wisely.


John Lennon sang about how nobody told him there'd be days like these. He sang about how many people were running yet nobody was making a move or how there was always something happening yet nothing going on. Perhaps, you feel there's much activity in some way yet nothing tangible happening. Maybe, you feel it necessary to cease talking and start investing a bit of effort to see what happens. If you're willing to do both now, then you look set to bring about a change that might just be worth singing about. This is a time for action. With action, expect results.


It's easy to cling to beliefs or attitudes that we formed strong opinions about in the past. If something 'added up' or made sense in some way back then, then we have no reason to believe anything has changed. Yet, we know life is much more fluid than that. Situations and people do change, therefore we need to be prepared to reassess what has become so set in stone in our minds. That's what you're being encouraged to do now. It's time to reexamine an opinion or belief you believed would probably never require reexamining or reassessing.


We are told 'knowledge is power'. Does that mean we're 'powerless' until something becomes clear to us? Of course not. Then, we are told 'a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing'. Is it more dangerous than possessing no knowledge about a particular matter, issue or topic? It can be, if we assume the little bit of knowledge we do have makes us believe falsely that we're in a position of power! You don't need vast amounts of knowledge to gain control in a way you want to now. Just a small amount of insight in some way will put you in an advantageous position.

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