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Blake Healer psychic
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Extension 12124

I specialize in spiritual healing and cleansing, luck & love, works with aura, color, chakra, angels, spirit guides, ...

Marchelle Medium psychic
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Extension 12100

Marchelle comes from a family full of very gifted and intuitive women.Since she was a small child she has had an open...

Mona Compassionate psychic
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I will use my profound lifelong psychic gift to give you crystal clear and direct answers to all your important quest...

Mark Clairvoyant psychic
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I am a caring open-minded reader I have many years of experience with all types of relationship and life problems. I ...

Ava Compassionate psychic
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Highly experienced reader ready to help you discover a positive new future.

Spike Lynn Clairvoyant psychic
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Spike Lynn


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I will use a plethora of talents to help and guide you on the path. I tell you what you need to know to achieve your ...

Soul Full of Love Clairvoyant psychic
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Soul Full of Love


Extension 12092

My name is Soul full of Love. If you looking for the honest truth about where your Love Life, Career and Finances are...

Adara Inspirational psychic
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Extension 17185

If you know better you will do better.

Angel of Passion Cards psychic
I'm away

Angel of Passion


Extension 17812

I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Angel Heart Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Angel Heart


Extension 17841

Angel Heart is a highly Spiritual Empath who can focus on the important issues in your life and help you find solutions.

Cynthia Astrology psychic
I'm away



Extension 12131

I am an highly driven "Intuitive Spiritual Guide" in which guiding and healing my clients is what is most important t...

Celtic Colleen Healer psychic
I'm away

Celtic Colleen


Extension 16991

Colleen is a warm, caring Spiritual Practitioner that can help callers with empowering their lives and helping  them ...


Daily horoscope

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There is likely to be a flurry of excitement or burst of activity today. Not only that, but it may hard to keep things in perspective. More so, if you are meant to be in one place, while events or circumstances force you to be in another. Either way, you won't tarry. If anything you can expand your horizons in some particular way.


The tendency is to worry, and not go where angels fear to tread today. Forget the bogeyman! Besides that, there are various technical or practical innovations that can be used at a moments notice. Chances are, this will still be a memorable time, even if you are in-between jobs.


It doesn't matter how hard working you are. For you, star alignment stresses matters close to home, and it's one place you normally love. True, you may have to retreat to your bedroom today - though others could still end up breaking down the door. However, it is also possible that a dream move will get underway.


By nature you tend to be frugal or a spend thrift. Now however, it is doubtful that you will be able to keep your hand out the till today. Apart from that, a final settlement has to be reached, even though there are so many temptations in your path. Don't forget, your position isn't weak, just because you are forced to compromise.


Try to curb your spending or cut down on the socialising. Maybe prices have shot up, even though others are not worried about you paying your way today. Funnily enough, you could be happy living without certain luxuries. There is however one person you can't make disappear.


Seldom will you have been so fired up or acting like a mad person. Maybe there is a good reason why relations are soured or relatives are scared. At any rate, it's best to discuss a partnership, even if there isn't a baby sitter around. Building an extension is one answer - but it someone else who proves to be the mother of all saviours.


You should be passionately involved today. This is not a ploy, even if you are still dying to get away. But on a much more personal level, it depends on whether you have out stayed your welcome. Again, it's probably certain friends who raise the question today. Back to reality.


You have only recently gone back to work. However, there is no choice but to toe the line, even if you are the only employee today. Why not represent yourself. Seriously though, it's time you showed your dissatisfaction, despite the fact that you might be rejected. Never. For no task is too big, right?


Chances are, those in positions of power or whoever wears the trousers in your house will be up in arms. Maybe you should look the other way today. But even if some kind of power struggle turns volatile, no doubt you will act with authority at the end of the week. Most people will run a mile - you vicious thing!


You could argue that you haven't got time to go away, let alone pack an overnight bag. However, because of special planetary movement, you should enjoy some form of escape today. Whether it's worth the effort - remains to be seen. The likelihood is, that a long distance association could become global anytime.


This is still a peculiar time for emotional ties and other involvements. People may not be themselves or over friendly today. In fact, this is more than just fun and games. Be prepared to stake your heart on one person at the end of this week. Strange that you should rise to their defense. Perhaps they went to the same school? Meanwhile another invitation must be readily accepted.


Don't expect partners or other individuals to be meek, mild or timid. Meanwhile, it will be such a relief when you do confront someone. And the week isn't over yet. Chances are, you will draw first blood.

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Adrienne is wonderful. She has so much insight and the guidance I get from her readings have been so helpful in reaching my goals. Honest and accurate. A true angel.....


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she was helpful


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good information


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awesome... will be back

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