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Ariletta Compassionate psychic
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Trusted PsychicAriletta


Extension 17433

$4.99/min $1/min

Ariletta is a Mystic and Spiritual Adviser who has been providing profound psychic readings for over twenty-years.

Emma Inspirational psychic
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Trusted PsychicEmma


Extension 17435

$4.99/min $1/min

Emma is a kind and compassionate Tarot reader who works hard at giving the client insight and clarity to their situat...

Jackie Inspirational psychic
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Trusted PsychicJackie


Extension 17427

$4.99/min $1/min

Jackie has been reading tarot for over 40+ yrs. Using tarot and intuition helps her clients identify solutions to the...

Jeanne Empath psychic
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Trusted PsychicJeanne


Extension 17419

$4.99/min $1/min

Jeanne is a clairsentient , compassionate soul excited about helping clients heal and eliminate unnecessary pain, suf...

Kat Joy Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicKat Joy


Extension 17425

$4.99/min $1/min

With over forty years of rich and varied experience as a medium, a healer, and a psychic, Kat is the psychic, other p...

Lady Ellen Destiny/life path psychic
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Trusted PsychicLady Ellen


Extension 17420

$4.99/min $1/min

Lady Ellen comes from a multi generational line of Psychics.

Lady Elysian Fortune teller psychic
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Trusted PsychicLady Elysian


Extension 17444

$4.99/min $1/min

Lady Elysian has been giving detailed Tarot Readings that help people with their Love Problems and Career & Money Sit...

Lady Jessika Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicLady Jessika


Extension 17413

$4.99/min $1/min

Lady Jessika is an extraordinary Psychic Medium.

Lady of the Lighted Path Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicLady of the Lighted Path


Extension 17422

$4.99/min $1/min

The Lady of the Lighted Path has been changing lives for 22 years with her psychic abilities.

Kelly Fortune teller psychic
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Trusted PsychicKelly


Extension 17443

$4.99/min $1/min

Kelly has been reading for about 45 yrs.

Luna Inspirational psychic
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Trusted PsychicLuna


Extension 17440

$4.99/min $1/min

Luna is a psychic intuitive who has been active in the spiritual community for over 10 years.

Mambo Sirene Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicMambo Sirene


Extension 17423

$4.99/min $1/min

Mambo Sirene is a priestess and spiritual advisor.


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The sky speaks of 'rediscovery' occurring in at least one area of your world. Whether this involves coming across a sentimental item you thought had been lost or seeing an old idea in a new light, you could feel delighted with or inspired by what reappears. This reconnection could hold a host of possibilities.


The pursuit of a plan or objective hasn't been without its share of distractions and delays. Just as you believed you had all your proverbial ducks in a row, progress seemed to shift further into the distance. Now, the sky speaks of a significant change in a routine. It's likely that, where you've been waiting for a green light to proceed, this alteration will play a big part in this happening.


Your inner radar could detect a tense or confrontational discussion waiting to happen. Even if you're the recipient of such an exchange, there's much you can do to calm someone down or steer one sensitive topic into more pleasant waters. Refusing to take the bait if someone offers it for a heated debate will send a clear message regarding your determination to keep things civil. There's no need for any conversations to be anything other than cordial.


It's easy to catch people off guard by responding in ways they didn't expect. This is often more interesting or powerful if we respond with kindness or compassion when they were expecting the opposite. You can touch someone's heart by responding in a way far removed from what they might be bracing themselves for. There are numerous benefits to making an effort to surprise them.


Some people seem determined to make their point, and it's often crystal clear they're refusing to listen. They might give a good impression of listening, but we can tell by looking at them that they're mentally preparing their next point. As keen as you might be to 'state your case,' grant someone a chance to have their say. The more you can encourage this necessary two-way communication, the more likely it will happen.


You know you've 'got what it takes' in a particular area but might understandably want reassurance of this. What's demanded of you might appear to be a tall order only because of the brave step into unfamiliar territory it requires. Don't become too focused on seeing this as a need to prove yourself to someone. You know what you're capable of, so see what's required of you now as an invitation to commence a new and hope-filled chapter in your world.


Sometimes, there's nothing like a sudden energy surge to help us focus on tasks that don't normally excite or inspire us. You have the equivalent of a cosmic boost poised at your backside to encourage you to tackle what has been pushed aside through being seen as dull. This could also help you to upgrade one goal or aspiration. If you discover you've set your expectations too low or have taken a possible 'easy option,' then you could choose to 'up the ante.'


Be willing to stray from a particular 'norm.' Dare to be different. Wherever possible, express your individuality. You have an excellent opportunity to explore new ideas and options. This could be precisely what one tired or tedious routine in your world needs. You can silence anyone who says you stick too closely to what's safe and predictable and rejuvenate yourself at the same time!


Minor issues are often referred to as 'storms in teacups.' Before we see a matter as the minor issue it is, we often focus too intently on the storm we must prime ourselves for. Before you commence 'battening down the hatches' or creating a protective shelter from a 'monsoon,' you could discover certain worries are unfounded. Being patient and allowing key information to find you will ensure a perceived storm passes without so much as a single raindrop!


We react in one way to some situations one day and react completely differently to the same scenarios the next. Of course, much depends on numerous factors and our attitude at the time. Although you might be unable to change a certain situation, you do have a say regarding how you approach it. If you're not yet spotting the opportunity contained within what might appear daunting or uninspiring, then look a bit more closely.


You might wonder if there's more you could be doing in a particular area, or if your time and talents could be put to better use elsewhere. However, assessing where your energy and focus exist currently also requires you to consider your loyalty to a person or organization. That could be your cue to start focusing more on your needs than you have recently. This could reveal a new or previously unexplored area for you to offer your time, talents or skills.


We know when we allow our attention to drift from what it should be focused on. However, it's possible you can convey a vibe of trustworthiness to others while allowing your mind to wander on what secretly inspires and enthuses you. Getting this balance right can result in a delightful feeling of accomplishment. It's also possible to connect with a certain person you admire or who intrigues you in a way that can be very helpful shortly.

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What people are saying about our psychics

Amanda is AWESOME! She immediately connected with me and my multi-faceted situations. Her reading left me spell bound because of her accuracy! She is a FANTASTIC gifted reader whose spirituality and compassion are AMAZING!


Advisor AmandaExtension 17390

She was really good, I highly recommend her!


AngelaExtension 16809

Omg I can't believe you are so good I don't even ask you anything you already know what I'm gone say I'm so happy talking to you Donya thanks


DonyaExtension 17392

Hi i would like to write a review I had a reading with toni about 2 weeks ago and things she told me in the reading came true At first i was very iffy about the reading but now i see what she had told me came true So im here to give credit where its deserved Thanks toni Jody


ToniiExtension 17351

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