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Angel of Passion Cards psychic
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Angel of Passion


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I can help Transform your life!! Your one step away to a Great New Beginnings!!! Let me help you!!

Blake Healer psychic
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I specialize in spiritual healing and cleansing, luck & love, works with aura, color, chakra, angels, spirit guides, ...

Mona Compassionate psychic
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I will use my profound lifelong psychic gift to give you crystal clear and direct answers to all your important quest...

Denise Straightforward psychic
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Tarot card reader. Astrology expert focused on love relationships.

Mark Clairvoyant psychic
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I am a caring open-minded reader I have many years of experience with all types of relationship and life problems. I ...

Trinity Straightforward psychic
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I can help you find the answers you seek! I specialize in Tarot and Oracle card readings. I look forward to helping you!

Spike Lynn Clairvoyant psychic
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Spike Lynn


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I will use a plethora of talents to help and guide you on the path. I tell you what you need to know to achieve your ...

Patrice Inspirational psychic
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I know that we are all one in Spirit and my goal is to enable people to see the Light and Spirit that they truly are ...

Adara Inspirational psychic
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If you know better you will do better.

Amaya Nevel Clairvoyant psychic
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Amaya Nevel


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Tarot Expert and Reiki Master is here to answer any questions you have. Find guidance and clarity in your life!

Celtic Colleen Healer psychic
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Celtic Colleen


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Colleen is a warm, caring Spiritual Practitioner that can help callers with empowering their lives and helping  them ...

Eileen Cards psychic
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As an intuitive reader and life coach, Eileen's insight is loving and gentle. Allow her to help you discover your tru...


Daily horoscope

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Check your horoscope daily and see what's in the stars for you today. Click on the astrology sign on the left to read your horoscope. It's free!


You have been patient long enough, and now it's time to bring your plans forward. You may have to choose which place or country to meet. Still, don't be surprised if you end up staying at home this weekend. At least everyone knows you here.


You may be anxious for no reason, even though others can well understand your frustration. You won't have too much time for reflection. The accent is on the personal side of life, though you may prefer to end another affair first. Unshakeable - is what you are, even if you still feel concerned about moving forward.


You may decide not to even get dressed this weekend. However, a public engagement must be kept, even if you don't like meeting in public places. Rest assured, your personal world will gather speed, and it's not often that the Cancerian crab sticks its neck out in such fashion.


This is likely to be an exciting and action packed time, to say the least. Unsurprisingly, you seem to have your feet planted on the ground. And no wonder, because what is proposed sounds a little too good to be true. Precisely. Do wait until certain people have turned up. They too will be mesmerised by numbers this weekend.


It never rains, but it pours. And it's more like Niagara Falls this weekend. Try to make your money last. Besides that, someone somewhere is likely to capture your imagination, if not change your world. There is no doubt that you will be going places, even if the prices are a bit steep.


Most likely, you had written one relationship off, even if this is probably your most valuable asset. In fact, you might be tempted to borrow freely, if only to steal someone else away - or is it the other way around? Don't be switching at the last minute, even if you are offered the moon this weekend.


There may be a bit of anxiety when entering into any arrangements this weekend. Maybe you are feeling below par, even though your initial reaction to an invitation is to say yes. Exactly why you insist that various friends come along - it's draining just keeping up with them. But what does happen this weekend is something you should make light work of.


Rumours and more speculation, and to be honest you cannot tell if others are on the level. However, it is a safe bet that a close personal relationship is entering a new phase. Maybe for the time being you will want to protect someone's identity. But seriously, there will be a surplus of illuminating details, and there is no guarantee that your privacy will be kept.


Don't be surprised if friends and family members alike arrive in droves. Not that you have to be at home this weekend. Either way, invitations will come in thick and fast, and it will be hard to keep abreast of what certain people are doing. But some form of acceptance is indicated, and your head will almost be too big to get through the door.


Despite any delays or disruptions, you should still manage to spread your wings. The key is to make yourself available, as there could be some important faces turning up this weekend. And you with no make-up on! Apart from that, the Full Moon in Aries is likely to coincide with a quick burst of activity. Talk about adventures in the backwoods.


Whether or not you are the life and soul of the party, it may be hard to keep control of your emotions. Not that you have any choice but to let someone go, despite being eternal best friends. The most interesting thing about this weekend is how you respond to a private matter, and the deeper you go, the better it looks.


For some reason, you may be deliriously happy. Call it moon madness, even if you cannot confirm that a personal relationship is on or off. The fact is that others are high maintenance or have expensive tastes. And yet, in many respects, you've never indulged yourself quite like this.

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