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Pat Clairvoyant psychic
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Trusted PsychicPat


Extension 26026

$4.99/min $1/min

I am a Past Life and Tarot reader, as well as a Clairvoyant, Empathic, and Intuitive one, but my special area of expe...

Abigail Compassionate psychic
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Trusted PsychicAbigail


Extension 17409

$4.99/min $1/min

Abigail is a gifted and compassionate reader, geared towards helping you find your way on your spiritual life path! W...

Anna Inspirational psychic
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Trusted PsychicAnna


Extension 17407

$4.99/min $1/min

Anna is able to tap into a higher guidance from spirit providing insight into many aspects of life.

Annabelle Cards psychic
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Trusted PsychicAnnabelle


Extension 17372

$4.99/min $1/min

Annabelle uses the tarot, crystals and angel cards to give you the most accurate and uplifting reading.

Angel Denita Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicAngel Denita


Extension 17382

$4.99/min $1/min

Angel discovered at an early age that she is gifted with the ability to Clairvoyantly connect with loved ones that ha...

Sonic Astrology psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicSonic


Extension 17387

$4.99/min $1/min

Sonic has assisted 20,000+ folks as a remote viewer, spiritualist, intuitive, channel, & Life coach. She offers posit...

AstroQueen Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicAstroQueen


Extension 17368

$4.99/min $1/min

Vanessa is a gifted psychic-medium since birth, empath, clairvoyant, teacher, radio co-host and expert astrologer!

Karen Compassionate psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicKaren


Extension 17355

$4.99/min $1/min

As a medium, Karen channels guided messages to loved ones. Intuitively guided by spirits of light, Karen is able to b...

Monique Cards psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicMonique


Extension 17360

$4.99/min $1/min

Monique is a very vibrant spiritual advisor with all of the clarity gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentienc...

Advisor Amanda Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicAdvisor Amanda


Extension 17390

$4.99/min $1/min

4th generation psychic able to relay highly accurate information, delivering detailed answers to your questions about...

Donya Clairvoyant psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicDonya


Extension 17392

$4.99/min $1/min

Donya has been gifted since a very young age to provide answers for those who seek knowledge about Spiritual Guidance...

Raye Love/relationships psychic
I'm away

Trusted PsychicRaye


Extension 17406

$4.99/min $1/min

With over 25 years experience Raye connects with clients quickly and focuses on helping you to resolve difficult situ...


Psychics Available Now To Speak With You

Hollie Straightforward psychic
I'm available
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Trusted PsychicHollie


Extension 17451

$4.99/min $1/min

This is your Reader Hollie.....I welcome you to an unusual World of Spiritual and Psychic Knowledge with this single ...

Daniel Straightforward psychic
I'm available
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Master PsychicDaniel


Extension 16035

$8.99/min $1/min

A spiritual counselor who assists his clients to find their answers through their Higher Selves, using Tarot, astrolo...


Daily horoscope

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Rarely do we struggle to come up with reasons to procrastinate. If we're honest with ourselves, many stem from fear. We fear rejection, disappointment, failure or even bizarrely, success. Sometimes though, all that's needed is one quick boost to our confidence, and we suddenly feel spurred into action. Whatever your reasons have been for delaying taking action in some way, allow the coming confidence boost to push you in the right way.


Your dependency on a certain person is altering. So too is the comfort you derive from a familiar set of circumstances. You might no longer need to be assisted or supported in ways you've grown used to and can do something without intervention or involvement from someone else. Once you see what a boost to your confidence and optimism brings, you might wonder what else is possible.


We can often give doubt far more freedom than it deserves. However, it can be tricky to strike a balance between refusing to let doubt drain essential positivity and optimism, and when it is appropriate to be dubious. In an area of your world, it might be in your best interests to be doubtful in some way. Where you sense something is questionable, heed your instincts. If something sounds or appears too good to be true, then chances are, it is.


Nature works to its own rules, and it abhors vacuums. It does its utmost to fill gaps eventually. Where an absence of something exists in your world, possibly through a recent decision to remove it, don't believe it will remain unfilled indefinitely. You were right to create a space in some way and are about to see how something better or more appropriate can fill it.


You might have a unique way of doing something but be willing to share your knowledge or expertise. Keeping your experience-based wisdom to yourself in the belief that what you know others should seek and discover for themselves only deprives them of a chance to connect with someone they might see a mentor. Remember that teaching creates all other professions. Do your bit to share your unique insights.


A recent change needs to be acknowledged and moved on from, not overanalyzed and assessed. In truth, you've been freed in some way but could find yourself looking at a new situation or set of circumstances in an unsettling light. This could draw you toward what has felt familiar, even if it brought discomfort or uncertainty. If you don't yet see a clear indication of how improved and more appropriate your new situation is, then you will do shortly.


Even though we can go to great lengths avoid them, we're still finely tuned to recognizing deep and meaningful conversations or exchanges. We tend to know instantly when we're dealing with superficial ones and also know when someone pays us 'lip service' or simply tells us what they believe want to hear. Where an important dialogue with a certain person is concerned now, something appears to be shifting in a deep and meaningful way. Exchanges look set to become more 'above board' or authentic.


Think of what's meant by the saying, 'selling yourself short.' You might be at risk of undermining your value in some way or playing down certain expectations by convincing yourself you don't deserve something. Don't compromise a cherished goal or ambition to suit someone else. It's time to put yourself first and believe that you deserve what you truly want. Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


You're wise to have a contingency plan in some way. In fact, the cosmos is keen to help you to create one. A subtle step might need to be taken to safeguard or even remove yourself from an uncertain or uncomfortable arrangement. Your instincts might also be right about where this heading. However, all you need to summon now is patience. The time to 'strike' might not be as far off in the distance as you believe it to be.


There are limits to how much you can push or force a certain situation or set of circumstances to bend in the way you need them to. Progress might be painfully slow, but it's important to trust that it is happening nonetheless. Therefore, you should be more trusting of what appears less than satisfactory or precarious currently. The sky promises a reassuring and comforting message of hope that will allay a particular concern shortly.


You can spot complacency in ways others probably can't at this time. Often, complacency and assumption go hand in hand, and where someone might be happy to leave a situation alone, it might be up to you to point out what needs to change or has become too comfortable within an arrangement. Rather than focus on any imbalance, look instead at the comforting, bigger picture visible to you. Introducing an overdue change is the first step to making your vision real.


We all know many words and phrases that can have an amazing, calming effect on those who hear them. Some might be said only to keep someone's motivation and enthusiasm levels high but sometimes, that's what's needed to spur them on in ways they might not have otherwise. Your words can do much to bring calmness to a tense situation in someone's world. Not only do you know what they want to hear, you know what they need to hear and mean what you say.

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What people are saying about our psychics

Amanda is AWESOME! She immediately connected with me and my multi-faceted situations. Her reading left me spell bound because of her accuracy! She is a FANTASTIC gifted reader whose spirituality and compassion are AMAZING!


Advisor AmandaExtension 17390

Omg I can't believe you are so good I don't even ask you anything you already know what I'm gone say I'm so happy talking to you Donya thanks


DonyaExtension 17392

She was really good, I highly recommend her!


AngelaExtension 16809

Hi i would like to write a review I had a reading with toni about 2 weeks ago and things she told me in the reading came true At first i was very iffy about the reading but now i see what she had told me came true So im here to give credit where its deserved Thanks toni Jody


ToniiExtension 17351

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